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Why Choose Strait Fundraising?


Ready to make a difference? Join Strait Fundraising - the family owned business founded in 2022 that's passionate about helping you achieve your fundraising goals. We strive to be the best for the best, so let's get started


Having a professional auctioneer is important because we have have a strong understanding of the dynamics of fundraising events. Valuable insights into strategies, realistic fundraising goals, and have effective auction techniques that can help you create a successful fundraising event. With myself as your auctioneer you will be able to create an unforgettable and successful fundraising event.


A professional auctioneer is a skilled entertainer who can captivate an audience with a charismatic presence and persuasive conversation. They use their skill to create an enjoyable atmosphere and draw in bidders to maximize profits. Through story-telling and carefully crafted dialogue, they bring a unique energy to the auction, making it an exciting and engaging experience for all participants. Professional auctioneers are experts in audience engagement, and have the ability to create an atmosphere of anticipation and enthusiasm.


Timing and flow is an essential part of any fundraiser, charity or benefit. Having an auctioneer can ensure that the entire process is organized and efficient, while maintaining a smooth and steady flow from one item to the next. This includes knowing when to introduce each item, when to close bids, and transitioning seamlessly. An experienced auctioneer will be able to use their rhythm and cadence to keep the auction moving at a steady pace, while ensuring that everyone is able to participate. With proper timing and flow, a professional auctioneer can ensure that the entire process is both enjoyable and successful for everyone involved.


We are proud members of the National Auctioneers Association. The NAA serves auction entrepreneurs with services provided based on four cornerstones: promotions, advocacy, education, and community.

NAA advocates for policies on behalf of its members and for the adoption of the auction methodology of competitive bidding.

NAA encourages the auction methodology of competitive bidding to the public and the value added to auction entrepreneurs by association membership.

NAA will support auction entrepreneurs through community building that fosters relationships, shares knowledge, and advances the auction profession's common causes.

NAA provides relevant educational resources to auction entrepreneurs and their team members to build knowledge and skills to conduct auctions and grow their businesses successfully.

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